BUAISOU Hand Sewing Thread Box

BUAISOU Hand Sewing Thread Box


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Sashiko embroidery thread cards made by DARUMA and hand-dyed with indigo by BUAISOU, introduced in amirisu Issue 13.

Contents: two sewing thread cards & a bit of indigo-dyed fabrics
Material: 100% cotton
Quantity: 109 yards / 100 meters × 2 cards
Box Size: 4⅗" W x ⅘" H x 3⅗" D (11.8cm W × 2cm H × 9.2cm D)
Care: BUAISOU recommends gently hand washing items with mild detergent and lukewarm water the first 2-3 times.
Made in Japan

The DARUMA thread is dyed in a SUKUMO indigo vat in Tokushima prefecture, renowned for indigo leaf farming. The prefecture is also known for its tradition of composting indigo leaves into SUKUMO. The indigo vat, which we commonly call  "The Hell Vat," is fermented only with four elements: SUKUMO, ash lye, calcium hydroxide, and wheat bran; therefore, purely organic. The thread is dyed in the 100% natural vat hence it must be treated properly. After a series of meticulous treatments, it is finally reborn to shine with deep, luminous "Japan Blue", and can immediately be washed with other garments.

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