About Us

Founded in Kyoto in 2014, amirisu currently operates from three locations: Kyoto, Tokyo, and our US base in Portland, Oregon.

amirisu Magazine
began online as a new knitting lifestyle periodical in August 2012. The print magazine debuted with Issue 4 in 2014 continuing through Issue 27 Fall/Winter 2023, it was sold in over 120 stores in 24 countries around the world. The magazine is relaunching as online media in Summer 2024! amirisu's publishing unit is continuously growing with two to three original pattern collections released yearly.

We also import high-quality Japanese-made handcraft supplies as an official distributor of DARUMA, Tulip, and Seeknit products.

Online Stores
amirisu kurumi: North America
Based in the Pacific Northwest of the US, amirisu kurumi is our online shop for customers in North America. All items are shipped from Portland, OR.

amirisu Online Shop Japan
Our online shop for customers based in Japan, Asia, Europe, & Oceania.

Based in Kyoto, the heart of the Japanese textile industry, amirisu also runs brick-and-mortar yarn shops in Kyoto (WALNUT, opened in 2014) and Tokyo (WALNUT Tokyo, opened in 2015). The WALNUT shops welcome visitors from all over the world and are regarded as two of the best yarn stores in Japan.

amirisu meri

Meri, co-owner & editor of amirisu

To find out more about our journey, head over to Woolful Podcast or Morning on the Dock (a podcast by Squam Art Workshops).