amirisu Original Markers

amirisu Original Markers


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amirisu original marker set

-From Tokuko-
Markers are essential for knitting, but I'm happy to be able to buy what I like right at our store, so this time, I had markers made just to my liking. The first requirement is that it should be lightweight. To reduce the burden on the hands, each tool must be light. Next, it must be metal. There's just something cool about metal stitch markers! Three colors will suffice for most purposes. The last is the thickness of the marker. If it is too thick, it will interfere with knitting; if it is too thin, you might be worried they'll bend. We found the perfect not-too-thin, not-too-thick balance.

Stainless steel
30 pieces (3 colors x 10 each)
・Large: Inner diameter 0.9cm, outer diameter 1.2cm, compatible with up to US10 (6mm)
・Small: Inner diameter 0.7cm, outer diameter 1.0cm, compatible with up to US7 (4.5mm)

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