amirisu Original Canvas Tote

amirisu Original Canvas Tote


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We made an amirisu original tote bag! It is a collaboration with Kurashiki Hampu, which has a long history of weaving durable canvas in Kurashiki, Japan, since its founding in 1888.

Meri customized the colors for the most amirisu-like feel. It's just the right size for knitting tools, wallet, and smartphone and is wonderful to use when you go out for a while and knit at a cafe. The tote stands up easily, so you can use it as a yarn bowl at home. The durable pocket won't let your knitting needles poke through and the contrasting color makes for a fun accent!

The durable canvas becomes softer and gains character the more you use it. Comes with a cute pale pink "amirisu" tag. Since this is a bag made for knitters, the message "Check Your Gauge" is hidden on the backside of the tag.

A matching pouch is also available!

Length: approx. 7.75"/ 20cm
Width: (top) approx.  12.5"/32cm, (bottom) about 8.25"/ 21cm
Gusset: approx.  4"/ 10cm
Handle: 11.75"/ 30cm (height to top: 4.25"/ 11cm)

Has one inside pocket

No. 8 canvas (100% cotton)

Material and product made in Japan

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